In 2015, Beige Corporation made a cash distribution to its – Free Nursing Tutor

 In 2015, Beige Corporation made a cash distribution to its shareholders, one of whom was Steve Jordan.

At that time, the parties involved believed the distribution was a return of capital because Beige had no

E & P. Accordingly, none of the shareholders reported dividend income. In Steve’s case, he reduced the

$200,000 original basis of his stock investment by $40,000, his share of the distribution. In 2021, Steve

discovered that E & P had been incorrectly computed. The 2015 distribution was fully covered by E & P

and should not have been treated as a return of capital.

In 2021, Steve sells his stock in Beige Corporation for $350,000. He plans to report a gain of $150,000

[$350,000 (selling price) – $200,000 (original basis)] on the sale. Although Steve realizes he should have

recognized dividend income of $40,000 for 2015, the statute of limitations has made this a closed year.

Comment on Steve’s situation.  Steve has asked you to prepare his tax return for 2021.   Should you

accept this engagement?  

Prepare your response as if it is for a partner in your firm.  

Reference the AICPA Statements on Standards for Tax Services.   You may need approximately 1.5

single-spaced pages for this assignment.    


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