HUMN 2663 Do the Right Thing

During the assessment: To add your answers to the assessment word document you will find a box under each question where it asks you to Click or tap here to enter text. Click on this box and begin typing your You can leave Moodle at any time once you have downloaded your assessment, HOWEVER the clock will continue to count down (closing down your internet browser will save you bandwidth issues if your internet is not always reliable). If you leave Moodle at any time, you MUST return to the assessment area on Moodle and click on Continue the last attempt before the time runs out to upload your completed assessment To complete & upload your assessment: Save the document to your desktop using Your Name_StudentID_CourseCode Return to the Moodle assessment area and click on Continue the last attempt button to return to the assessment. Scroll down to Question 1, and click on the paper icon to upload your completed assessment. Click Finish attempt and follow the final prompts to submit your assessment
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