HS-121 The Western Tradition- Playing In Roman History


Week 4 Reading Questions

Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Each answer should be roughly two to three paragraphs. Use examples and/or quotes from the textbook to support your answers. Type in the answers directly below each question. Save and send the document as “week 3 reading questions your last name” (for example, week 4 reading questions Hurley).  
1. What role did Justinian see himself playing in Roman history?
2. What stresses did the Byzantine Empire endure in the seventh and eighth centuries, and how was iconoclasm a response to those pressures?
3. How did Muslims conquer so many lands in a relatively short period of time?
4. Describe the ways in which Charlemagne managed his empire.  How did he prevent his lords be seen as inefficient?
5. Explain the reasons for the fragmentation of the Abbasid Caliphate.  How did Byzantium recover during this same time?
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