How would Marx Explain why there is so Much Child labor in the World Today


How would Marx explain why there is so much child labor in the world today?

What ethical obligations do companies have in order to deal with these issues? Why?

 What does Robin Funsten identify as the three main roots of conflict? 2. Give your own example of one of the roots of conflict. 3. What three things does Funsten say must be in balance in order to effectively solve conflicts? 4. How do each of these things help us to solve conflicts? 5. According to Funsten, what are two positive outcomes of dealing with conflicts when they are small? 6. Describe a recent or memorable conflict that you have had. What was the root of the conflict? How did you respond during the conflict? How could you have responded more effectively? (Think about your emotions, logic, and empathy.) -10% individual response (please ensure that you write a complete min 10

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