How to Apply the Knowledge of Geomorphology in the practical Field


What do you learn from geomorphology? How do you apply the knowledge of geomorphology in the practical field?

 An area in Toronto is being considered for development into a housing project with a small playground for the kids. In the soil and groundwater should be high levels of heavy metals (nickel, lead, cadmium), VOCs, and PAHs. 1. 2. What is the legislative requirement for the amount of these contaminants in the media? What measures can be taken to protect the residents? What remediations methods (in-situ and Exsitu) are there to reduce/remove these contaminants in soil and groundwater In the location for the playground the soil is to remain in place, what measures can you suggest to protect the children What measures would you take to protect your staff while working on this development 3. 4.

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