How Seismic Waves Travel through Earth Activity


How Seismic Waves Travel through Earth Activity 16.2 Name: Course/Section Date: Notice the cape the phin Fig. 16. There and limitations to the recorded the can qulin Naude ‘Nanode 140 E The dance from the potente distance between the recording station lite and time of the man wines are provided for each recording station Notice that there are the next form of the recording station. They show the travel time for the three main waves (Sean However, instruments to record one with Kies of directeur de Location on the data in Fig. 105 is the Australian reeding where the sinogram 16A was channel A on the rain Fig. 16., plot points from the data alle in pencil to show the wave time of each meine in relation to be the distance from the center who recorded on the cham at the recording to Forename Mat for location de ben petits on the Recitation was located to the canale me have 7 minutes and 7.9 mm pencil for data from all of the main relations in the data table and then came the rail Notice that your points do not produce a ple They all in one to the three arvoa lines or curves takes on the graph The black lines or cures were drawn by boating many thousands of points con indeed of Rurales y just let your points spawn you think that your posts and the poets from other has occurred on the discrete lines or cures By the theoretical Fig.16.5. Late the cane po travel time of the water the great comes the point printre of the Swae Label the line or cure that connect the point regelmathewe wat Why is the Secure per than the c Why do the same way to point that we g. 16.5 com a right line shop for and Summary Swane rowwel through it, where was Dhe perime te rende licin the carte de starts them on the time the few same ding is called them. How does Sim 419 E Imagine that an earthquake occurred this morning? The first P-waves of the earthquake were registered at a recording station in Houston at 6:12.6 AM, and the first S-waves arrived at the same Houston station at 6:17.1 AM. Use the travel time graph (Fig. 16.5) to answer each of the following questions, 1. What is the S-minus-P time interval of the earthquake? of his 2. How far from the earthquake’s epicenter is the Houston recording station located? F REFLECT & DISCUSS You have determined the distance between Houston and the earthquake epicenter. What additional data would you require to determine the location of the earthquake’s epicenter on a map?

What specific types of metamorphic rocks are located /associated with Ohio? What were they (parent/protolith) before they were metamorphosed?

2. Where else and what process also resulted in the metamorphism of Ohio’s rocks?

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