HLST180 Biotechnology : Bioinformatics Topic of Meta-genomics


1. To become familiar with the bioinfonnatics topic of metagenomics and specifically of the human microbiome 2. To become familiar with the range of bioinfonnatics tools that can assist the analysis of (human) metagenomics data
3. To understand how bioinfonnatics can contribute to understand the human microbiome (opportunities) and what problems it has to overcome to achieve this aim (challenges)
4. To learn and practice the skills of scientific writing. Write a review covering the challenge and opportunities of bioinfonnatics to understand the human microbiome. Include in the review, a detailed description of *one* specific case of analysis of human microbiome data using a paper (or closely related series of papers) that you have found from PubMed or a similar source. Comment as well, from a general perspective, on how specific application data such as the human microbiome is challenging (and changing) conventional bioinfonnatics tools. 
Marks will be awarded for:
• General description of metagenomics and the human microbiome: 25%
• Bioinfonnatic tools for the human microbiome: 25%
• Description of a specific biological/biomedical application: 20%
• Writing style, structure: 10%
• Good use of Figures: 10%
• Correct use of citations and good references: 10% 
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