HIST241 Ancient History

Please select one of the following primary sources to analyze in a 1 page, double spaced, primary source analysis to be handed in online through Blackboard 5.1 Herman Husband / Causes of Armed Resistance in North Carolina, 1770 5.2 London Merchants Petition to Repeal the Stamp Act, 1766 5.3 The Repeal, 1766 6.2 Slaves Destroy Statue of King George III in New York City, July 1776 6.3 A Fire Burns British-Occupied New York City, September 1776 6.4 Bernard Bailyn, The Importance of Ideas, 1967 6.5 Timothy H. Breen, Insurgents Mobilize, 2010 Please answer this question as you analyze your document: how does the document and/or image you have selected help to explain a particular dynamic of the American revolution? Be as specific as possible in your answer… Criteria: Good analyses will situate the source in its proper context and explain its historic significance in clear, concise terms. Good answers will also offer quotations and citations from the document (if textual) and/or offer detailed explanations of the image and/or painting (if visual). You may offer quotations/citations from the textbook if this helps you to situate and analyze the source you have selected. Citation is expected.
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