HIST 2501 Canada|Heritage Consultant

Heritage Consultant Imagine that a non-profit organization has contacted you, they require your expertise as a historian of Canada since 1850. They are creating a colouring book dedicated to a thematic topic in Canadian history. In this assignment you will develop your skills in creating historical narratives, researching scholarly reading materials, and presenting your ideas in ways that engage your audience. Select a topic of your choice. Produce a visual timeline of 5 events that help demonstrate the history of your topic. These events must have occurred no earlier than 1850 and no later than 2000. For each event on your timeline, you must provide text explaining the event and its relevance. You must also provide a suggested image (with a hyperlink). Finally, for each of your 5 events, you must provide a suggestion for further reading. This reading must be academic (either scholarly book or academic journal article). See the assignment instruction sheet for detailed expectations.
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