HIST 1103 World History- producing unflattering depictions


Part 1: Tintin and India (150-200 words)
According to Soutik Biswas, India has an “undying love affair with Tintin”.  Why might this be?  Read Biswas’s BBC article https://www.bbc.com/news/15680397 and do some additional research of your own. There are some clues in Biswas’ article about where to find more information. Discuss at least two of the researched opinions you have found and feel free to add your own insights if you have any.  Do you think this “love affair” has much to do with Cigars of the Pharaoh? Discuss some examples that would conform or contradict the sources you have discussed from your research. Remember to use Chicago Style footnoting for all sources, including the Cigars of the Pharoah book.
Part 2: Representations (150-200 words)

In 2014, Chapters Books in Winnipeg removed Tintin from its shelves after complaints that the books were racist. What do you think? Cigars of the Pharoah is an entertaining story, but Herge has been criticized of producing unflattering depictions. 

Represent: “Be a type of or an example of”

Write two paragraphs examining and discussing how two of the following characters or groups (one per paragraph) are represented in Cigars of the Pharaoh   
Egyptians and Arabs (p. 5—37)
Africans (p. 13-19)
Indians (p. 44—62)
In your paragraphs, examine the drawings of the characters closely over successive pages (at least three examples from different pages). Consider how they compare to other characters different nationalities. What is your analysis? Are Herge’s depictions harmful and/or racist? In your paragraph, be sure to put the page number you are referring to in brackets, 
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