HESl024 An Introduction to Arts and Sciences Correctness


The writing style should be clear and concise. The characteristics of such a style include grammatical correctness, appropriate vocabulary, clear sentences, and logical organization. The assignment will be evaluated according to the following criteria: the coherence and thoughtfulness of your arguments, originality, your engagement with the course text and course ideas, and clarity of expression. 
1.Is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave still relevant today? In order to answer this question, you will need to summarize the cave story and explain the lessons that we can draw from it. Are the lessons still relevant? Can we apply the Cave story to events and situations in our lives? Be sure to give reasons and justify. 
2.Evolution connects us to other primates in that we all share a common ancestor. Religion, on the other hand, claims that humans are a special species. Do you think that religion and evolution say different things about the status and importance of humans? 
3.We have examined the distinction between subordinate and dominant qualities that is discussed in the Complexity of Identity. In your essay, you will critically examine a famous person – artist, politician, athlete – who embodies both dominant and subordinate features. How did they use their dominant identity in the service of making a better world? How did they use their subordinate identity? To answer this question, you will need to use a person with a rich enough life story to fully examine the nature of their identity.  

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