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Listed below is a 2 part assignment.

1. Create a 2-day Lesson Plan (Monday and Tuesday) for 2 students using the attached assessment data from Part A and B; match the lesson plan to their assessment results.

 Use the correct Letter Lessons, First Words Lesson Template from Heinemann (found on            Heinemann website or in the attached files) 

  • Be sure to clearly describe the activities you have chosen.
  • List the words that will be the focus for your lessons.
  • Connect your choice for words to each part of the lesson 
  • List the high frequency words.
  • Add notes to tell how you might evaluate students’ success.

 2. Write a 250-word rationale for the activities you chose, based on the assessment data of your student; this is to be done for both students.

Attached are the following:

a. phonics assessment for the 2 students (Student A: kindergarten & Student B: 1st grader)

b. chapters 4 and 5 to go with the templates

c. chart 

d. templates



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