HA2042 Accounting Information Systems Project- supporting its business activitie


You are required to prepare a report to evaluate and recommend a cloud-based accounting software for the above client. The report should include the following components:
1. Background
• Assess the impact of this situation on business performance and management decision making.

• Identify the major internal control weaknesses in the above business activities.

• Discuss the possible risks associated with each of the identified control weaknesses.

2. System requirements

• Outline the software features/ functionalities that your client should consider supporting its business activities.

3. Software selection
• Visit the websites of at least two (2) accounting software package vendors (e.g. SAP, MYOB, Xero, etc.) and provide a brief description of each vendor and its products.

• Compare and contrast the features/functionalities of two cloud-based accounting software packages offered by accounting software package vendors.

• Identify the most suitable vendor and accounting software package for your client and explain why it is the best option. 

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