H1043 Individual Project : Self-Organisation and Research Skills


The Individual Project in Year 3 is a major component of your degree and builds upon all of your modules to date to explore in depth an engineering problem in the area of your degree course. It is designed to give you experience of the full cycle of an engineering project, from initial planning to final presentation, and involves management, resourcing, planning, scheduling, documentation, and communication.

You will interact with a range of skilled people, complete work within budget and available resources, and by an agreed deadline. The project will involve the design, development and testing of a system and will include construction and measurement (for hardware projects) and code development and testing (for software projects). It will demand creative thinking, self-organisation and research skills.

You will typically spend 10 hours per week for two terms on the project and it is assessed by an interim report at the mid-way point, a final technical report (dissertation) and a 20 minute oral presentation. You must keep a record of your work throughout the project in a bound and dated logbook, which is handed-in with the final report. The project is supervised by a single member of faculty, who takes on the role of technical director.

1. apply creativity to the solution of an engineering research problem involving design, implementation, test and analysis;
2. undertake the planning of a project, identifying resources required, estimating effort and forming contingency plans for unexpected outcomes and problems arising;
3. apply engineering principles to address the chosen problem and demonstrate the ability to deal with technical uncertainty;
4. research and use technical literature and other information sources in addressing the problem;
5. select and deploy appropriate technical methods and techniques to address the problem;
6. exercise professional judgments in terms of cost, market, environment, sustainability, safety and ethics;
7. deliver an oral presentation in order to communicate the technical information and findings of the project clearly to a combined specialist and non-specialist audience;
8. document the implementation and findings of the project in technical reports.
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