GSB013 Economics for Managers and Macroeconomic Theories


You are required to investigate the industry to some depth, using your understanding of business economics, and to: 
a. Estimate the industry’s contribution to Australia’s annual GDP. What proportion of GDP does this represent? Explain.  
b. Describe and analyse the industry’s relationship with Governments. 
c. Select three (3) of the following six (6) scenarios. Using macroeconomic theories, determine and describe what you predict may happen in your selected industry if: 
i. Australia’s rate of unemployment increases to
ii. Australia’s inflation rate increases to
iii. The Australian Government decreases the corporate taxation rate to
iv. The Reserve Bank of Australia increases the cash rate to
v. The value of the Australian Dollar (AUD) decreases by 10% against other key currencies; 
vi. China reduces imports by Provide brief explanations for each of your three predictions  
d. Write a conclusion which includes the insights which you have gained from this assessment task.
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