GLO-420 Future Societies: An Opportunity for Businesses


Individual Research Project on a topic related to the themes addressed during the course. Students are expected to focus on a topic of their choice, selected from the themes discussed during the course, options include the following topics:

The Climate Crisis: Potential Solutions?

The Future of Work: Artificial intelligence, Gender Norms, the Nature of the Corporation

Urbanization post-Covid: Smart Cities, Housing, Slums, Migration

Measures of Wealth and Progress: The Future of Policy Metrics

Media and Politics in a post-truth World: Populism, Nationalism and Technology Race and Identity in 2050

I expect five sections for this project.

  • Problem definition… what is the issue, who does it affect (e.g. Global North vs. Global South), and why is it a problem?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Major debates/issues…what are some of the most widely held views/position
  • What are some of the solutions to address the problem (also, what are some solutions that might NOT be a solution)? What are governments and NGOs doing? Are existing businesses part of the solution or the problem? How might the solution fail? What stands in the way of this solution?
  • How might this be an opportunity for businesses or what firms are pursuing this or how would industry need to adapt?

Students should engage in independent research and write an essay of about 3500 words (typically this is about 12 pages). Within the topic they select, students are free to focus on any angle they find particularly interesting and emphasize how it impacts the future of our world; they are encouraged to provide the main relevant perspectives about that angle and not just their own personal opinion. They are expected to support their assertions by clearly citing their sources and by referring to core course concepts.

A good project will incorporate a minimum of 20 cited sources (this is a general guideline and I expect you to research this issue extensively). You do not have to conduct primary research (interviews, online surveys) but are encouraged to do so if it will benefit your research and is feasible.

Students do not need to submit a proposal about the topic of their choice UNLESS they feel strongly they would like to research a different topic that is not included in the list above; in that case, they are REQUIRED to email me a proposal for approval no later than March 30th.

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