GEOG122 Sustainable Communities Justice and the Environment

As cities transform and change over time, a focus on social and environmental justice ensures that impacted communities have access to the resources they need now, and into the future. This includes equitable access to clean air, water and food, transportation, health and education infrastructure, an accessible built environment, and open space. Creating healthy, equitable urban communities involves listening carefully to the needs, aspirations and concerns of residents, especially those who have been historically excluded from decision-making processes. As social scientists, you are developing skills that enable you to analyse complex situations, and ensure that those who might be marginalised by transformation processes are able to participate in decision-making. This assessment will develop your analysis and advocacy skills using a local Illawarra case study that is currently open for public consultation. Advocacy of this type is increasingly common in a range of professional careers. Across government, nongovernment organisations and the private sector, public submission processes are now frequently used as part of consultation requirements. Writing submissions of this type is therefore an important skill to develop. Assessment requirements The task For this assessment you will adopt the role of a Research Policy Officer. One of your responsibilities in this role is to critically review local development proposals on behalf of your employer. From the list below, you will select a stakeholder group and imagine you are working as their Research Policy Officer. Your task is to write a submission to Wollongong City Council on a proposed project to re-develop the Corrimal Cokeworks site, from the perspective of the stakeholder group you work for
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