FPE016 Self Managed Superannuation Funds- required to complete independent resea


Independent research
For some or all questions in this assignment, you will be required to complete independent research beyond the provided materials. You will also be expected to analyse this research and use it to support your own reasoned conclusions.
This includes:
• consideration of multiple sources beyond topic notes or other provided resources 
• sources included are academically sound and credible 
• analysing and understanding the argument or information the source presents 
• using the material appropriately to directly support your conclusions. 
Where significant independent research is required for a given question, it will be clearly indicated in the question instructions and the Criteria-Based Marking Guide.
There are two (2) research questions in this assignment.
Question 1 Fund structure and the provision of SMSF advice
1. Determine the role of a financial adviser throughout the lifecycle of an SMSF. 

2. Compare the distinguishing characteristics of an SMSF and a regulated super fund. 

3. Evaluate the reasons for providing pensions via an SMSF and the operation of superannuation interests as they apply to SMSFs. 

4. Recommend SMSF fund administration, estate planning and taxation implications. 

5. Judge the suitability of strategies that integrate relevant and ethical advantages of an SMSF. 

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