FNSACC408 Accounting and Book Keeping

To achieve a satisfactory result, your assessor will be looking for your ability to demonstrate the following key skills/tasks/knowledge to an acceptable industry standard: • Research organisational policies and procedures for own role. • Analyse, evaluate and organise information required for working in the finance industry. • Resources available to identify other professionals in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. • Financial industry codes of practice. • Policies and procedures for finance industry. • Ability to clearly communicate with key stakeholders through different means. • Identify roles and responsibilities for various members of financial sector according to business needs. • Identify activities outside the scope of a bookkeeper and networks of individuals able to assist in these areas, assisting business owners in accessing these networks. • Request feedback on range type and quality of service and act on feedback • Identify and use ethical principles and practices in own role • Obtain access to electronic publications and use software to carry out work • Research legislation, regulation and industry requirements for own work • Able to convey clear instructions and communicate through written communication
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