FNS50315 Finance and Mortgage Broking

In order to be deemed competent, you will need to evidence the ability to: • Develop detailed broking options designed to maximise the client’s outcomes and reach client objectives which incorporate elements from research and which address complex needs and issues • Identify and describe key assumptions upon which the plan is based • Provide a detailed analysis of research strategies and findings • Test and make appropriate checks on a proposed plan for its integrity and compliance • Assess the impacts of taxation, social security, economic and other government policies on client investment and financial requirements • Interpret and comply with industry regulations and codes of practice • Identify the roles of associated financial advisers and work effectively with them • Assess broking options, financial markets and investment characteristics • Use appropriate sales and marketing methodologies and provide justification and research evidence • Gain client feedback on and/or agreement to the plan • Prepare materials and personnel to effectively implement complex loan structures • Establish appropriate audit trails and effectively document records and data
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