FNS50315 Finance and Mortgage Broking Management-moderately complex loan


The purpose of this task is to allow you to demonstrate that you can complete the major steps required in broking or writing a moderately complex loan for a customer – through identification, development and implementation of loan options while assessing and managing risks. The samples in Appendix a) and b) will prove helpful. Remember that what you prepare would, in the real world, need to be presented to the client orally and thus must be understood by them.

Part A- The Client

1. Prepare a list of questions that you would need to ask your clients about the proposed transaction, that is, prepare your needs analysis (ie. Fact Find).

2. In a suitable format, prepare a submission for the clients ie. a Proposal document.

In order to be deemed competent, you will need to evidence the ability to:

1. Develop detailed broking options designed to maximise the client’s outcomes and reach client objectives which incorporate elements from
research and which address complex needs and issues

2. Identify and describe key assumptions upon which the plan is based

3. Provide a detailed analysis of research strategies and findings

4. Test and make appropriate checks on a proposed plan for its integrity and compliance

5.Assess the impacts of taxation, social security, economic and other government policies on client investment and financial requirements

6. Interpret and comply with industry regulations and codes of practice

7. Identify the roles of associated financial advisers and work effectively with them

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