FNS40820 Finance and Mortgage Broking-concessions are State and Territory


Short Answer Question

1. First Home Owner Grants and Stamp Duty concessions are State and Territory Based and are subject to constant change. For the State or Territory you live in confirm that the details in the book are consistent with the most current First Home Owner Grants and Stamp Duty exemptions quoting the website address and date you accessed it. If the details have changed document the changes.
Explain to your client what a 100% loan is? Briefly explain split and blended loans.
(a) Briefly explain a line of credit loan.
(b) What is an interest only loan?

You begin work at your new place of employment. One of your key responsibilities is to process applications for credit. Your new manager, Robson Mischkulnig, is aware of your background as a mortgage broker and wants to draw upon your existing knowledge base. As such, he asks you to bring in the last credit application you managed to help train you into your new role.

Equipped with Basil and Daisy’s application, you begin one week of induction. You are given a copy of the ‘Sample Credit Policies and Procedures Manual’, and told these are the guidelines that inform you day to day decision making. Supplementing the manual are other protocols and laws such as the National Credit Act. You are told that in this office, decisions to reject or accept an application are formed on the basis of two criteria; credit policy and the total credit assessment which you should conduct. Any decisions to advance funds or extend credit that fall outside your approval or limits of authority must be referred to relevant approving personnel. In your case, this is Robson. You are expected to prepare and forward your recommendations to accept or reject applications to Robson promptly and in accordance with the organisation’s procedures. Of course, any required security must also be attached. Your trainer emphasises another key responsibility for those providing credit and credit reporting services. That is to keep the records system up to date. This means recording and monitoring file and record movements as well as maintaining the records according to legislative requirements and organisational policies and procedures.
Having worked through the essentials, your trainer throws you in the deep end and asks you to follow the procedures and process the sample credit application you brought with you. To test whether you are competent, you are given the following questions to complete.

(a) Under what circumstances would you be expected to refer your decision to Robson? 
(b) Provide financial and legal reasons including the security used to justify your decision and present them in a format that Robson can use to review your decision. 
(c) Refer to the So Sweet client record prepared in Chapter 4 short answer 5cii. Copy and paste the client record and call it ‘Updated Client record’ and update the client database with Basil and Daisy’s details from a to b above (specifically referring to the justification for approval based on their financial and legal reasons, and the security used). Highlight the changes so that these are clearly evident in the ‘Updated Client record’. 
(d)  Outline the steps you would take to monitor file and record movements.

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