FINC3390 Financial Modeling and Disability Service


1) Information Literacy: Exercises and homework will present the opportunity for students to seek relevant information. Multiple resources will be used to access needed information including any available information technology. Correct citation of sources and recognition of original sources will be required. 
2) Ethical awareness: Over the progression of the course students will consider ethical issues, and be tasked with balancing the goals of the corporation with the financial manager’s responsibility to society. 
3) Critical thinking: The course assignments will present students with the opportunity to develop critical analytical skills. This includes systematic deconstruction of data, building and applying financial models and results  to inform common issues facing corporate financial managers. 
4) Quantitative reasoning: The course will provide students with the opportunity to examine real world data in commonly used financial models. This process will include deciphering ambiguous data, analysis of the data, financial calculations and presentation of results. 
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