FIN 510 Business Finance-company in yahoo finance search option 


Problem 1:
Choose a publicly traded company from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). 
Provide the following information of your chosen company and what is the product or service the company produce?  

How to answer this question?  

Click on the Key statistics and note down as required in question 1.  
Problem 2: 

Find the beta of the stock from June 2016 till August 2021 (download weekly price information) from the yahoo finance and write a summary of your analysis indicating the stock price trend during the analysis period. 
How to answer this question?   

a. Type the name of your chosen company in yahoo finance search option 
Problem 3:  

Now calculate the information required in Problem 2 to check the impact of COVID 19 on your chosen company from 1st March 2020 to August 2021 period and discuss the changes during the COVID 19 period only.

How to answer this question?  

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