Factors that Hold Back the Creation of a Truly Global Capital Market?

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  1. What factors do you think is holding back the creation of a truly global capital market? How might a global capital market function? (Hint: some factors to consider are interest rate, currencies, regulations, and financial crises for some countries.)
  1. The use of different national currencies creates a barrier to further growth in international business activity. What are the pros and cons, among companies and governments, of replacing national currencies with regional currencies? Do you think a global currency would be possible someday? Why or why not?
  1. Governments dislike the fact that offshore financial centers facilitate money laundering. Do you think that electronic commerce makes it easier or harder to launder money and camouflage other illegal activities? Do you think offshore financial centers should be allowed to operate as freely as they do now, or do you favor regulation? Explain your answers.

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