ESP8266 Internet of Thinks and Wire Connection


Once the weather will be recording a temperature of -1 degrease Celsius a red light will open and the buzzer will sound at a medium intensity. Another condition will be that when the temperature will record -10 another red light and a bigger buzz sound intensity will sound. On the other hand, when the temperature will record a + any Celsius dates green light will open, and buzzer will not sound. The project must record the temperature and humidity and to be displayed (on the one of the displayed shows above into the pictures.) 

Investigate the Internet of Things concept, systems architecture, and networking protocols specific to IoT systems.
Evaluate the selected IoT system with justifications and its significance.
State the functional and non-functional requirements of your selected IoT system.
Analyse the proposed system and apply in your planning, implementing, deploying, and managing IoT systems.
Critically evaluate the proposed design, its performance and system integration to any real-life examples.
Provide the whole circuit design of the chosen IoT system including the graph with the wire connection.
Provide the programming codes used in the developed IoT system.
Provide snapshots demonstrating and explanation, the testing and working of the system.
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