ESLA2000 Academic English For International Students- support a claim using anal


Write an essay of , in which you discuss viewpoints, synthesized in your Literature Review, relating to the educational topic of your choice.

Compose an argumentative essay that shows your ability to support a claim using analysis, elements of argumentation, and integration secondary sources. This argument will also reflect your ability to identify and assess bias, credibility, and relevance in your own arguments and in the arguments of others, including secondary outside sources.    

Organize your essay in APA format and follow academic writing paragraph composition, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and word usage.

Throughout the past few decades, Gaming culture has increasingly influenced the Millennial generation by providing everyday social experience, leisure and new forms of entrainment and interaction with other people. In these sections, we will discuss the role of digital Gaming in modern society and the limitation of Gaming to other valued practices. This literature review considers the new emerging culture’s effects on society and approaches the limitations mentioned in the following questions.
• How can game benefits in educating and learning?

• What are the limitations of the Digital Gaming Culture?

• What is the future of the Digital gaming culture?
• How can game benefits in educating and learning?

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