ES101 Evolution and Biological Communities Resources


Think about the area where you live (San Diego), or an area you visit, and the ecosystems in this area. Then describe how humans have modified one ecosystem in this area. 
Explain and give specific examples of how you think the modifications have affected the biological communities. 
And do you notice any consequences to human health or well-being from this modification? No external resources are required for this post.
Find an example of evolution from natural selection, not mentioned in our text, from Internet sources and briefly explain how evolution produced species diversity. Evolution and natural selection are essential to how science views the world – just like gravity, and yet the idea of evolution is strongly opposed by some religious groups. What is your take on this potential conflict and is it possible to accept evolution and embrace your religion? This assignment should be a two-paged paper that addresses all the questions.  Please include references at the end of the second page or on a separate a reference page.  With each reference include a sentence or two critiquing each Internet site you refer to in your paper.

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