ENS2257 Microprocessor Systems|Microcontroller

Your task is to design an interface between the ATmega328 microcontroller and this servo motor that will enable the microcontroller to safely control the position of the servo shaft anywhere in its 0 – 180 degree operating range. You should also incorporate a 10KΩ potentiometer as an input device into your system that will enable the position of the servo to be controlled such that it can follow the position of the potentiometer shaft (i.e. as the potentiometer shaft is rotated from its minimum to its maximum position, the servo motor should move in sync from its minimum to maximum rotation position). 1. Refer to the microcontroller datasheet and the provided motor specification, pick out all the relevant electrical interface data (this is a very important practical skill!) and list them. For each item describe/name the item and explain why it is relevant to your interface design. Note: Make sure you consider the interface ratings of the microcontroller pins. 2. Produce a circuit diagram with details of all elements required to allow the processor to control the position of the servo motor according to the rotation of the potentiometer, within the identified constraints. You should provide copies of the datasheets for any components you may choose to include in your design (except for passive elements such as resistors or capacitors, if required). 3. Describe how your circuit elements address the interfacing requirements. Please ensure that you consider both the ATmega328 and the motor requirements / specifications, and justify any decisions made, including any calculations as required.
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