ENGT5301 Individual Project : The Policies and Regulations


Authorship Declaration

I Sardorbek Temirov, sincerely declare the authorship of this project in line with the policies and regulations of De Montford University, Leicester. The project adhered and avoided the negative effects of plagiarism in order to maintain its integrity.

Sardorbek Temirov

Flexible solar cells are lightweight and mechanically robust. Along with rapidly advancing battery technology, flexible solar panels are expected to create niche products that require lightweight, mechanical flexibility, and moldability into complex shapes, such as roof-panel for electric automobiles, foldable umbrellas, camping tents, etc. These new photovoltaic technologies are ready to provide cheap, clean electricity to the 2 billion people who lack access to the grid as well as to energy-eager companies and families in the developed world facing the increasing costs of electricity generated using fossil fuel resources. In this project, we provided a comprehensive assessment of relevant materials suitable for making flexible solar cells. Substrate materials reviewed include metals, ceramics, glasses, and plastics. For active materials, the studies focused primarily on emerging new semiconductors including small organic donor/acceptor molecules, conjugated donor/acceptor polymers, and organometal halide perovskites. For electrode materials, transparent conducting oxides, thin metal films/nanowires, nanocarbons, and conducting polymers are looked at. In addition, discussion on the merits, weaknesses, and future prospects of flexible solar cells and their wide and growing areas of application. Lastly, an overview into low cost production methods and the growing efficiencies of flexible thin film solar cells as they catch up to the more traditional Silicon based cells were capitalised.


It is my absolute pleasure to use this avenue and extend my appreciation to my able supervisor (Dr. Krishna Nama Manjunatha) for his relentless effort, selfish guide and support that enabled this project became a reality. Dr. Krishna is absolutely an inspiration and a mentor whose relevance is worthy of emulation and cannot be forgotten in the list of my future educational achievements. I honestly remain forever grateful sir.

I also sent my beautiful words of appreciation to my family especially my Mummy (Temirova Uktamxon) who regularly not just advice, supports, but stood with me in all ramifications. My siblings and all members of the Temirov family who I cannot mentioned individually because the list is nearly infinite are equally appreciated.

Finally, to all the management of De Montford University, my friends and all those who have played a vital role in my education pursuit, I remained forever grateful.

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