ENGL190 English|Screenwriting Graphic Narrative

Assignment: Narrative Fiction/Screenwriting/Graphic Narrative Due Date: Nov. 22 @ 1pm PST over eLearn Length: 3 pages double-spaced Weight: 20% Details: For your third assignment, you will submit either: a) Narrative Fiction (3 pages of double-spaced text) b) Screenwriting (3 pages of text in screenwriting format) c) Graphic Narrative (3 pages of text & illustration) Your writing may stem from and elaborate on prompts we’ve done in class or you may take inspiration from our lessons, readings and discussions. Your narrative fiction should showcase your understanding and command of the forms and skills we’ve covered, such as plot, action, conflict, narration, perspective, character development, dialogue, setting, atmosphere, and genres. Questions to ask yourself when writing and revising: – What is the heart of the story I am trying to tell? – Who is the narrator? Who is telling this story? – What perspective should this story take? Should I use a first-person narrator or a third- person narrator? – Who belongs in this story? Who are my characters are how do I portray them through dialogue, action and specific details. – What feelings do I want to convey and how will my language reflect them? – How will an initial event incite action? – What conflicts will my character encounter? – What are the implications of this story I’ve invented? – How have I included dialogue? How do my character speak? – How do setting and atmosphere contribute to the story? – How can I make my setting feel like a character? – What genres (literary fiction, horror, speculative fiction, gothic, romance, noir, comedy, drama, etc.) does my story connect to? Evaluation In your narrative fiction, I want to read about vivid characters navigating compelling conflicts in stories that pay attention to language, action, narration, setting and genre. I am looking for originality and care in your narrative fiction, screenwriting and graphic narrative writing, both in the overall concept and in terms of language. I want to see you experiment with techniques and concepts we’ve studied in thoughtful ways. Your assignment should critically engage with plot, action, conflict, narration, perspective, character development, dialogue, setting, atmosphere, and genres.
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