ENGL125 Academic Writing | Psychological Wellbeing


Instructions: Read the following excerpt and complete the following tasks:

  1. List the elements of a conclusion.
  2. Using the data presented write a conclusion; and
  3. Identify the elements of the conclusion that are reflected therein (use colour coding for ease of identification).

Online learning is here to stay; discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

Online leaning has become important to addressing education during the current COVID 19 pandemic crisis. As students engage in online learning, the apparent advantages and disadvantages unfold. While online learning serves to increase self-dependency in work, it reduces the mental health of students who engage in this form of education.

Online learning has led to increased self-dependency in work. The term self-dependency in this context refers to less reliance of seeking assistance from peers to compete task.  It has been revealed that students at both secondary and tertiary level education are becoming less reliant on seeking help and hence, becoming independent. Students are becoming more independent since they can gather information from other free online sources to supplement their online learning and to complete assigned tasks given by lecturers and teachers. 

A disadvantage caused by online learning is reduced mental health among students at both secondary and tertiary levels of the education system. The term mental health refers to one’s psychological wellbeing. Daily and consistent online learning has led to increased mental stress, anxiety, and loneliness, which are some of the factors associated with reduced mental health. Online learning has resulted in increased workload and reduction in social or leisurely activities among students which has made it difficult to adapt to the online learning environment since the COVID 19 pandemic.

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