ENGL121N127 English Assignments|Research and Inquiry

In a Word or Google Doc, write approximately 1-2 pages reflecting on how your understanding of and interest in your project has evolved over the course of these assignments. Use the questions below to guide your reflection, but don’t answer them one by one. Also, in your reflection, be sure to cite specific examples, sources, and points your sources made (Note: the next step will give instructions on how/where to post). From your perspective, what were your initial interests, and what new interests emerged over the course of your research? What directions, issues, or finding surprised you, and what did you discover that you hadn’t expected to? How has your understanding of the issues you’ve focused on changed as a result of your research? What new questions emerged? What connections to your own personal interests, scholarly ambitions, and professional aspirations have emerged that you didn’t expect, or perhaps, how has your understanding of those interests, ambitions, and aspirations changed? Given what you’ve learned about the different avenues for research and inquiry into your topic, what do you think would be the most productive central focus for your upcoming research essay? Knowing what you now know, what would you like to say, and in what ways might you have developed a perspective that you think might make a worthwhile contribution to the scholarly conversation that, thus far, you have only listened to? Requirements: 12pt double-spaced. The questions are related to a research project and all assignments were done from here for that research the IDs are 1846746, and a few others but the main one is that one. Please answer the following questions detailed.
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