ENGL101 English Essay|Thesis

Compose an MLA-formatted academic essay of approximately two to three pages (five paragraphs) on one of the following options: OPTION #1:  Choose two groups (e.g., parents and their teenage children; or more generally, the older generation and the current teenage generation; bosses and employees, etc.) as the focus of your essay. Write an essay in which you present three strategies for achieving effective communication between those two groups. Your thesis will directly answer this question:  What are three strategies for achieving effective communication between the two groups you identified? Use plausible, hypothetical examples as your primary means of support.  To practice integrating content, briefly use a relevant quotation from one of our “communication” readings somewhere relevant within your essay (could be your introduction or conclusion). Audience:  One side of the two groups you chose (e.g., parents OR teens; older generation OR younger generation, etc.) Primary purpose:  to persuade your audience of your thesis
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