ENGL10021 Reading Literature: Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare


In the past decade, computers have been increasingly enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI). AI is described as a computer mind that can think as humans, learn, and improve as they (Ermenko, 2015). According to Frost and Sullivan (2016), the AI market for healthcare applications has grown by USD 6 billion in the past seven years; this shows the increased use of AI in this industry. It has been claimed that the use of AI would affect the quality and accuracy of health services. This article will argue that AI is a valuable weapon in the healthcare field due to its impact on patient diagnosis and cost management.

Mortensen (2021) claims that AI is a new, developing system that will require regular maintenance, especially in the healthcare industry. These maintenances will cost an ample amount of money as it is a complicated system. Additionally, he claims that the installation and programming of AI will be expensive. However, AI has proved that it detects symptoms earlier than human doctors because it can more efficiently and precisely analyse X-ray images. Subsequently, long term treatments and medicines are reduced as the patient is treated at early stages; Marr (2018) stated that the pre analysis of previous medical record by AI reduced patient hospital stays by nearly 20%. AI has proved that it is cost saving. Firstly, it will cause fewer hospitalisations due to its ability to detect symptoms earlier. Accordingly, fewer appointments will be required for patients, so the number of treatments prescribed to patients is reduced. This effect of AI is predicted to make a profit of $150 million US dollars by 2026 (Bohr and Memarzadeh, 2020). With the development of AI through the years, its precision and effectiveness will increase, which will have a more positive effect on healthcare.

To conclude, AI has a positive effect on healthcare. However, it is claimed that it is costly to use AI in healthcare due to installation and maintenance costs. However, the long-term effect of AI results in a profit due to fewer appointments, prescribed medicines, and hospitalisations.


You will write a 350-word argument essay . You must take a stance and present counter argument(s), rebuttal(s) and supporting argument(s) in your essay. You must write an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion.
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