ENGL 4408 Critical Theory-Real Estate promoting its services


Task 1

1. Create a short profile about Entry Real Estate promoting its services. Use the following testimonials and details and include them in the flyer:
“Mary’s insights into the industry are unparalleled in our experience. Her attention to detail benefits all parties involved in the process. It was very reassuring to have someone so professional and competent to guide us through this procedure. – Jane, NSW”

The Entry Real Estate Team
• Mary Wang
• John Blogg
• Jimmy Hunt
• Grant Bryan
• Roxanne Smith

The flyer must include a short paragraph about the business and the services it provides to the public.

Task 2

1. Access the Ocean Grove Property Flyer and read through the description.

2. Create a marketing profile to showcase the property on the company website and on various real estate sites. Your marketing profile must meet the following criteria:
• Use engaging and enticing language
• Use an attention-grabbing headline
• Use a cleverly crafted narrative that describes the home’s best features
• Use a call to action

Once you complete the flyer, submit it as a PDF for marking.

Task 3

1. Create an individual personal profile for yourself to attract potential clients. This must be completed n the form of a flyer. For this task you must also adhere to the following criteria:
• Use a professional bio prompt template.
• State your real estate experience.
• Convey your connection to the area you sell in.
• Emphasize the value you provide clients.
• Include the company logo and name

For the purpose of this assignment, you can use fictional details to boost your profile.

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