ENGL 4408 Critcal Theory| Case Study

You will choose one text from the “case study”, using a term or central concept or definition from one of the theorists from the same movement write an analysis (that is, a “close reading”) of the case study text. The theory should be used as a sort of lens through which you will be able to make your own argument about the case study text. There is no need to spend a lot of time writing about the theory here, but you will need to explain (briefly) which element of the theoretical material you will be using. The influence of the theory on your analysis of the case study material should be evident in your paper. Your paper should have a clear thesis statement, present a logical, progressive argument, provide evidence from the primary text (that is, the case study text) and demonstrate your understanding of the theory and how using the theory illuminates elements of the text and your ability to engage carefully and thoughtfully with the material.
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