ENGL 2120 British Literature- Political or Ideological Values


The objective of this assignment is to conduct research focused on the rhetorical and contextual analysis of a specific text that is representative of one of the time periods/genres we have studied this semester. You must explore and offer an answer to the following inquiry questions:
1) What particular time period/genre does your text represent? What elements within your chosen work clue you in to the fact that it is representative of Realism, Naturalism, Imagism, the Harlem Renaissance, etc.? (Do not merely tell me that it was written in such-and-such a year. Explain to me the elements within your chosen text that clearly connect with the time period or genre.)
2) What are the author’s main messages and themes in this piece?
3) What rhetorical techniques are at work in this piece of literature (symbolism, metaphor, simile, the “rule of three,” free verse, slant rhyme, etc.)?
4) Why does this particular text have meaning? How does it make us more conscious of certain philosophical ideas (determinism, free will, etc.) or political or ideological values (equality, freedom of speech, etc.)?
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