ENGL 202 American Literature- Family – Religion – Work


Thesis Statement and Outline – Analytical Paper 2

I.  First, select the 2 literary texts from Modules/Weeks 5, 6, or 7 you’ll be comparing and identify the topic they have in common. Possible topics might include freedom, alienation, race, identity, individualism, equality, power, death, love, gender, family, religion, work, money.
II. Second, ask yourself how the 2 texts or authors describe, present, or view the shared topic differently—in tone, in message, in form, in writing style, or in something else.
III. Third, ask yourself why the 2 texts differ, noting particularly the different historical moments or circumstances in which the texts were produced.  Out of this consideration, craft your thesis statement answering the question: How do [your chosen texts] differ in their handling of [their shared topic], and what circumstances contributed to these differences?
IV.  Fourth, select your organizational pattern: block format (discuss one text in the first half of the paper and discuss the other text in the second half of the paper) or alternating format (in each paragraph discuss one aspect of each text—the first text in the first half of the paragraph, the second text in the second half of the paragraph—alternating back and forth throughout the paper).
V.  Fifth, craft your outline based on your chosen organizational pattern and flesh out that outline with evidence from your chosen literary texts. After the outline, list the two literary texts and three secondary sources in a working bibliography.              

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