ENGL 1A Read and Composition-interesting and write a essay


For this assignment, I want you to do a Media Analysis of a media clip – a commercial, a movie trailer, or a trailer/advertisement for a television show.  Analyze all the elements of the “text” (the visual images, the written text, the verbal speech, the music, etc.)  Focus on a clip that shows people and seems to be depicting gender or sexuality.  It doesn’t matter if your topic looks at men or women (or transgender people, or intersex people, or…), heterosexuals or homosexuals (or bisexuals, or pansexuals, or…).

Select a single media clip that you find interesting and write a essay doing a media analysis that answers the following question: “What does this media clip show about how gender and/or sexuality is written?”

Note that this essay is designed as an opportunity to demonstrate your successful development of SLO 3: “Apply the major conventions of standard written English.”  We will also start developing the skills to help you demonstrate SLO 1: “Analyze university-level texts” and SLO 4: “Choose and integrate credible sources for support, using appropriate citation format”.

Helpful Questions – Brainstorming Springboards

You do not necessarily have to answer these exact questions, but they could help give you a jumpstart on what you want to write about:

• How do you know the gender/sexuality of the people in the video – or at least, the gender/sexuality that they are performing?  What is it about them, or what are they doing, or the visuals and words surrounding them, that clues you in?  Be specific!  Zero in on very particular details and explain them as well as explain their significance.

• Who do you think this video is targeted towards?  How can you tell?  Given who you think the audience is, do you feel like this is a successful representation of sexuality?  Why or why not?

• What does your media clip show you about what sexuality means (for the producers, for the viewers, etc.)?  How does this reinforce or challenge our cultural messages about sexuality?

• What is it about a video medium that adds additional depth to the depiction of sexuality?  How do elements like movement, music, speech, and gaze affect your analysis?

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