ENGL 1A Parallel Reading and Composition- Brainstorming Springboards


Select one of the following prompts and respond to it in an academic essay.  Make sure to label which prompt number you are writing about. For each prompt, make sure to use at least two of our class resources as support in your response.

Prompt 1:  How does feminism influence your community? How does a person, male or female, become a feminist?

Prompt 2:  How does you gender change the way feminism affects you?

Prompt 3:  How has the way you thought about feminism changed since the class started?
Helpful Questions – Brainstorming Springboards

You do not necessarily have to answer these exact questions, but they could help give you brainstorm on what you want to write about:

• These are fairly broad questions – what are some ways you could narrow the focus and give specific examples?

• What do you already know about these topics, be that from personal experience, observation, or class readings?

• What do the readings and videos have to say about these topics? Would it be easier to start with what class resources you want to use and build an argument from there?

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