ENGL 1100 Research Essay|Works Cited

On a topic of your choice, please construct a 1,500-2,000 word essay,
using MLA guidelines for formatting, in-text citations, and a Works Cited
page. This major project is worth 40% of your term mark:15% for the
annotated bibliography and 25% for the finished essay.
The assessment criteria will be shared in the peer editing workshop.
You should have a minimum of four reputable sources.
Please note: the Humanities Department uses software to identify
The annotated bibliography is due at midnight November 16, 2021; the
completed essay is due at midnight on November 30,2021.
1. October 14 — essay assigned
2. October 21 — topics chosen and preliminary thesis written
3. October 26 — library session (mandatory!)
4. November 2 —development methods
5. November 9 —annotated bibliography discussion/lecture
6. November 16- a. seminar presentation #1
b. Annotated bibliography due
c. writing workshop
7. November 25- peer editing workshop (mandatory!)
8. November 30- research essay dueAn annotated bibliography shows the results of the preliminary research on your working thesis. Each source is presented in a short paragraph; the title of the paragraph is the citation (which you will have in your Works Cited if you end up using it). The short paragraph does two things: 1. It briefly summarizes the thesis and information in the source (ebook, chapter in ebook, journal article). 2. It briefly explains how the information in the source relates to your thesis — relevance and support. NOTE: You may have one of the four sources in your annotated bibliography that you end up not using in your essay, just as you may find a better source later that is not included in your annotated bibliography. Like the working thesis, this information flow is subject to change. ALSO NOTE: Your Works Cited page in your finished essay should include only the sources you actually cite in the essay, whether those sources were in your annotated bibliography or not. FORMAT
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