ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing: Analysis of A Person


For this assignment you will write an analysis of a person who has had a strong influence or impact on culture/society or who has made profound contributions to culture/society. You must choose one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential persons of 2020 .You should have a clear idea as to why you are interested in this person and what more you want to find out about them. Then determine through research what specific influences or contributions this person has made on culture.

Part I:  Inquiry and Research: Annotated Bibliography

To determine these influences you will need to conduct research to become better informed of this person’s contributions.  Find at least three academic sources that broaden your understanding of your topic.

Brainstorming/Pre-Writing Activity:

To generate ideas, consider the following questions:

  • What are the values of this person and how does this person promote specific values?
  • What makes this person important enough to be on this list of most influential persons?   
  • How does this person contribute to and actively shape cultural ideals and expectations?
  • How does this person support/challenge/revise conventional ideas, practices, or expectations?
  • What is this person’s role in society?

Part 2: Create and Explain an Image, Video, or Creative Work  

In Part Two, you will find and embed an image, a video, or an artistic representation that relates to the person you identified in Part 1 and to your thesis. You may find the image in any platform (Google for instance), or create your own, but the image must be embedded (either as a link or the image itself) within your written essay in a place that relates to a point you want to make. 

Part 3: Working with Words (Composing a Piece of Writing)

When you were crafting your image, you were making deliberate choices about how to compose your ideas visually. In the third part of this assignment, you will use what you discovered from the process of researching and creating the image to compose a piece of writing that centers around what you want to address about this person and the impact they have had on society and why those contributions matter.  

Audience and purpose: Consider who would be interested in this person and why.  Your purpose is not only to inform them about your person, but to teach them something new about this person, to persuade them to agree with your assessment, and to urge them find out more about this person and their causes, and the importance of their values/contributions to culture.As each piece of writing should have an audience and purpose, you should consider using one of the following approaches:     

  • call for action
  • ask for help (from those in power, for those impacted, etc.)      
  • incite action  
  • make a point 
  • open up a debate     
  • state a position  
  • offer a solution   
  • seek an answer  
  • change minds  
  • sway actions   

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