ENGL 100 Introduction to English- International Grocery Store


1. Tell me about you?
My name is Mazan and I am 18 years old, I am from Syria but I left Syria 10 years ago because of the war, I escaped from Syria and move to Jordan and lived in a camp for 3 years and then I had an opportunity to come to Canada so when I moved to Canada, I do not have an idea how to talk to other because I could not speak the English language and did Don’t know where is Canada on the map the only thing that my parents told me that we are going to a safe place and we will not hear a shotgun or bump anymore and they told me that I am going to continue studying in Canada but it is going to be a challenging because the language is different and they told me the people also going to be different, but the good thing we will be safe there and you will learn the English language very quickly because you are still young and they told me that I will have the best future in Canada and then we decided to come to Canada I started from the beginning and then I was trying to have better communication with other people I do get better over time And now, I can be able to speak two languages, whichArabic and also English I have learned that if I work hard, I will realize my dreams and should not give up even if I feel it is going to be impossible to achieve.
What should I know about you?I am in a wheelchair and I can’t some time submit everything in the due date because I have surgery in my back Scoliosis
I want you to know that I am in a wheelchair 
You can share something interesting or uninteresting?  My family owns  the largest international grocery store in Atlantic Canada. I come from a large family of 10 people (I have five brothers and three sisters)
  • What are your hobbies and likes? I like to learn more than one language and like to act and like to play sledge hockey,
  • When you are not studying, how do you spend your time? Hangout with my friends and some times I help my brother and Learn how to communicate with others
  • What are your future plans? I want to study computer science because I really like to make new programs to to make technology easier to other people who doesn’t know how to use it this my goal for future Why are you taking part in this program? I am taking this program to improve my writing and also because it’s required to take it.
2. How do you presently feel about your University preparedness and why?
3. Write about something you enjoyed learning in the past, and why you enjoyed this experience? I really enjoyed learning in the past what are the important things to be a really good actor and spent time with other people and learned how to share our ideas and make The scenario Even special by sharing our stories 
4. What new skill or subject would you enjoy learning about in the future, academic or otherwise?
5. Finally, what do you hope to get out of this course and what do you hope to focus on in your writing?
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