ENG214 English| Critical Dialogue Marginalia

Your essay should focus on critical dialogue, develop an idea with support from the text and from secondary sources, explain why a reader might consider your idea important enough to read, and conclude without undue repetition. A critical dialogue should interpellate a text in order to provide profound insight for your readers. I will gladly discuss topics and ideas with anyone in the class. Your paper will need to integrate quotes and paraphrases or summaries from the primary text and several secondary sources. Employing the information learned in the library training sessions, you are responsible for finding, evaluating, selecting, and effectively using at least two scholarly sources. Those sources will need to appear in your Works Cited and will need correct MLA citations in your text. You are, of course, welcome to discuss your secondary sources with me and with the librarians. In any case, you must print out your sources and bring them in after uploading the final version of your paper; I urge you not to print out clean copies, but instead bring in your working editions with highlights and marginalia that demonstrate your engagement with the works. The final essay should run 5-6 pages, double-spaced Times New Roman 12pt font. Margins should be 2.54cm (1 inch) on top, bottom, and both sides. Please use a left-justified, ragged-right text alignment.
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