ENG 422 Teaching Composition- ponder the word choice


Some possible ways to answer this question:

1. How your analysis lead to a comment on the text as a whole

2. How your analysis explores a particular theme or aspect of the text

3.How your analysis sheds light on a particular historical moment

4. How your analysis leads to a new understanding of an abstract idea

What do the words mean? And what associations do they have? Look up words (excluding little words like “the” and “and”) in the Oxford English Dictionary and think about how multiple meanings of each word affects the overall meaning of the text. How do the meanings complicate what you think of when you ponder the word choice?

What imagery appears in the text? How does the text appeal to the senses – what do you picture in your mind, hear, or smell, or taste because of the different images in the passage? How do these images contribute to your experience of the text or the larger idea that you’re exploring?
What figures of speech do you notice? Are there similes, metaphors, or symbols in the text? What does the use of a certain metaphor imply? How does these figures complicate your understanding of the text or the larger idea that you’re exploring? What is the structure of the language? How do the word relate to each other – what are some of the grammatical structures? Is there a noticeable rhythm to the language? Are there repeated sounds or words? What about the sentence lengths or the punctuation? How do these structures contribute to your experience of the text and how do they relate to the larger idea you’re exploring?

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