ENG 4101 Soil Mechanics- common geotechnical issues


1.Borehole data and cross-section Provide your cross-section (Note that you can draw it by hand or using software. If you scan your drawing, ensure the high quality of the scan). Draw the data from DCP test on a separate page and provide analysis.

2. Geology of the proposed site

3. Describe the subsurface conditions (maximum one page) of the studied area with the focus on problematic soil/s and geotechnical issues that may occur during construction. Support your statement using the data from the borehole logs.

4. Discuss the origin of each type of soil and bedrock and common geotechnical issues that may occur to each soil type during excavation/construction. Use the existing literature to support your statement

5. Schematically illustrate the subsurface conditions and calculate the effective vertical and total horizontal stresses at Point A before construction.

6. Estimate the maximum cut that can be done so that the soil stability is not lost.

7. Estimate the cyclic stress ratio of the sand

8. Soil compaction. Sand from Pit 1 will be used to build a road embankment.

9. Draw a compaction curve for the sand from Pit 1 (Table 11) and attach it to this report.

10. Determine the maximum dry density and optimum water content of this sand.

11. Establish if the results of control tests (Table 12) meet the compaction specification.

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