ENG 201 Technical Writing|Aphorisms

Taking Benjamin’s One-Way Street to Heart Write three short to medium length aphorisms or aphoristic essays in the style of Benjamin’s One-Way Street. Your essay in total should be between 800 and 1500 words in length. Suggested topics for your aphorisms: 1. Recount a dream you had recently or, better yet, a recurring one from childhood. 2. Write a list of rules for something you do well or against something you hate, modeled on Benjamin’s satirical and earnest list of theses for and against various practices. 3. Write about an experience you had doing something bad that was fun during childhood or adolescence. Enlarge upon it. Make it seem strange. 4. Write a critique of some current topic in politics or the news. Focus on the class politics of the conflict. Give each aphoristic essay a title drawn from an expression from advertising that you see all the time either on signage in your daily life or from TV or web and social media browsing. But make it ironic and surprising. It needn’t relate directly to the topic of your aphorism too literally.
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