ENG 2008 English|Toni Morrison

 Be sure to organize your ideas and the quotes you choose to craft a cohesive, thoughtful essay. Remember to follow MLA guidelines. See the rubric on Blackboard our class website for further clarification, and remember that I am always happy to look over a draft with you during my office hours before the due date. How does W.E.B. Dubois introduce the two concepts describing a black person’s experience in America: the veil and double consciousness. Looking at the short stories, essay and novel The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison from Unit 2, develop an essay that defines these concepts with examples from the texts. prompt 2: Identity: How do others’ expectations and actions impact our own identities? How do loneliness and isolation impact identity development? Specifically, how does racism impact individual identity? How do treachery and betrayal impact the identity of the betrayer? The victim? Using the text of Ralph Ellison, the photos by Gordon Parks or Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye to make an argument answering this question of identity through expectations. Why does Toni Morrison tell us the ending of the story in the Introduction? Describe her purpose using evidence from the text. In the introduction, she tells the reader will happen at the end of the novel and that the how is the important part. Why is the “how” important? How does Toni Morrison use structural choices (narration, order of events, epigraph) to help develop the theme of powerlessness in The Bluest Eye? Explain using evidence from the text.
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