ENG 002 Transition English : Write a Multi-Paragraph Essay


Writing Assignment Write a multi-paragraph essay that takes a side to Kara Woodridge’s blog article, “Social Media: Friend or Foe?” For this writing assignment, your response should be persuasive, thoughtful, and detailed, showing various points that support the same topic. Logical evidence that backs up your opinion should be used throughout. Your essay should clearly explain your view on whether or not social media is a friend or foe and why you feel this way.
The first paragraph will offer an interesting introduction of the social media topic and your take on it. The following three paragraphs need to include: main points that develop your assertions, evidence to support them, and analysis explaining how the evidence supports the main point. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that clearly states your point and details to support/prove this point. You should have transitions between paragraphs that show why each point appears in this order. At the end of your last paragraph, you should include a concluding remark that gives a final interesting thought on your topic. A grading rubric will help you develop your paper. 
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